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With his commitment, all of Dominique Bienfiat’s products are crafted from the finest, hypoallergenic, organic, sustainable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly materials. In a world facing issues of chemical pollution, it's imperative to consider the potential harm of toxic chemical contaminants that are often found on pillows and mattresses nowadays. At Dominique Bienfait, we never prioritize cost-saving over health and safety of our clients. Therefore, you can sleep well feeling assured that you will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and rested.



Our latex tree are grown in pure property have fresh and clean soil contamination-free , being grown with using 100% bio- fertilizer without chemical pesticide and genetic modification, approved by ACT EU GROUP. Each container of latex are fully tested in closed laboratory by machine and human. All latex are organic and must be soft and naturally white in colour which then be used on all of our products and can 100% biodegradable and be recycled.

In addition to this we also give fair treatment to our farmers to maintain sustainable agriculture and the environment.


Our organic cotton fabrics are sourced from sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices that have been certified by the Global Textile Standard (GOTS). The organic fiber is meticulously grown without genetic modification and cultivated without the use of toxic chemicals, producing a refined fiber that offers comfort, a gentle touch, and reduces skin irritation. Not only does this approach prioritize your health and well-being, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.

Care instructions

- Do not dry clean

- Hand wash and rinse gently in room temperature water
- To squeeze out excess water, carefully press the pillow using towels

- Allow to air dry for a few days
 in a warm, shaded area away from heat and direct sunlight

- Do not spin or tumble dry

- Use with a pillowcase

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