History of Mr.Dominique Bienfait

Dominique Bienfait is a brand established by the industry expert, Mr.Dominique Bienfait, also known as the "king of latex." Using his extensive knowledge and French craftsmanship, he elevated his brand into a true masterpiece. Our products are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who approach each step of the creation process with precision and delicacy, resulting in an unparalleled sleep experience.




The company was founded by Mr.Dominique Bienfait, a French engineer specializing in mechanicals and robotics. Despite his specialization, he dreamed of becoming a designer, inspired by his upbringing in a textile family and his mother's passion for crafting fabrics. He sought to carry on the family tradition. Over the years, he innovated numerous developments, from raw materials to machinery, with the belief that producing exceptional quality products requires the use of the best raw materials and maintaining their quality throughout the production process, which in turn requires the invention of custom tools and machinery.


At the age of 26, Dominique Bienfait discovered an amazing material called latex and recognized that it would revolutionize the sleep industry. Upon this discovery, he devoted himself to researching and improving latex pillows and mattresses to enhance sleep quality for everyone. “When I met my friend, they convinced me to work in the latex industry in France, and I said yes because I was acquainted with latex mattresses. I felt confident enough to open my own factory in León in 1988,” recalls Dominique.


With his commitment, all of Dominique Bienfiat’s products are crafted from the finest, hypoallergenic, organic, sustainable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly materials. In a world facing issues of chemical pollution, it's imperative to consider the potential harm of toxic chemical contaminants that are often found on pillows and mattresses nowadays. At Dominique Bienfait, we never prioritize cost-saving over health and safety of our clients. Therefore, you can sleep well feeling assured that you will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and rested.

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